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« A few threads, a few pieces of canvas, a traditional embroidery stitches lesson given by my grandmother, completed with courses, steem stitch, Lasy daisy stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, palestrina stitch ... and a furious desire to create more modern models, in line with the actual decoration trends. Accessible to all, the traditional embroidery kits Un Chat dans l’Aiguille, allow you to discover the pleasure of embroidering while creating useful objects and decorations. Detailed technical data sheets, washable ink printed canvases, accurate diagrams for each embroidery stitch as well as very simple sewing ranges, support you in the making of your artworks! The French Touch brought by Un Chat dans l’Aiguille, is now recognised not only in France, but all around the world!»

un chat christel gouze elbaz

Christel Gouze Elbaz

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