LED floor lamp


This powerful LED floor lamp will make your needlework easier and enhance your home or office. Its intense light of 4300 Lux at 15 cm is provided by 80 ultra bright LEDs. Although it only consumes 5W, its brightness is equivalent to a 155W incandescent bulb. Equipped with a long arm, it offers a reach of 90 cm and a wide light coverage, ideal for large work surfaces. Its brightness limits visual fatigue and reflections, for healthy use, and corrects colors for a real rendering.

Technical characteristics :

- LED lighting
- Radiation at 30 cm: 1,630 Lux
- Color temperature: 5,500 - 6,500 ° K
- Power consumption: 5W
- Color: chrome
- Dimensions: 130 x 74 x 25 cm
- Maximum arm length: 73 cm
- Weight: 6 kg
- Cable length: 2.3 m

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Composition of kits

The fabric supports of the kits are in mixed or printed cotton. In all the kits you will find explanatory sheets with the diagrams of the points, the needle, the threads, the buttons and the accessories if necessary.