Needle threader Mizuhiki - Turquoise


An elegant and delicate needle threader for your embroidery and sewing work.

Mizuhiki is a decorative paper bead created by twisting washi paper and then hardening it with glue.

In Japan, Mizuhiki is added to the packaging of every gift. It allows you to express your feelings by your choice of color, the number of cords and the method of knotting according to the occasion. Although the knot is made of paper, it is difficult to cut or untie and therefore it symbolizes the strength of the connection between the two people.

The Mizuhiki needle threader is decorated with a Mizuhiki in the shape of a plum blossom. It is considered a good luck charm because plum blossoms bloom before the onset of spring, overcoming winter. The knot symbolizes luck and strong ties. The result is an elegant needle threader that adds a touch of glamor to your craft basket.

Flower dimensions : 28x28 mm

State dimensions : 42x28 mm

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Composition of kits

The fabric supports of the kits are in mixed or printed cotton. In all the kits you will find explanatory sheets with the diagrams of the points, the needle, the threads, the buttons and the accessories if necessary.